OA-08 Allergy Interactive

Dr. Alexandra Schebesta, Dr. Sarah Duit (Open Science – Lebenswissenschaften im Dialog)
FH-Prof. Univ.Doz. Dr. Ines Swoboda (FH Campus Wien, Bereich Biotechnologie)
alergieSubject area: All about Allergy
What it is: In Western civilizations, allergies have increased dramatically during the past decade: One out of five persons is allergic to certain foods or food ingredients. But what does suffering from allergy mean?
What happens inside the body during an allergic shock? Can you be allergic to water? Is there a wood allergy? Here is to discover which substances can cause allergies and which are not. Using the infotainment App they learn what role antibodies and mast cells have and investigates the human immune system as well as the complex and interrelated processes controlling it. Also, we check which allergies visitors have. We do not ask the visitors by questionnaire, but use a different kind of data acquisition. The answer is given by pipetting a coloured mass, which is filled to an installation in which the results can be read at a glance.

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